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Law Briefs- Structured Briefs of Indian Judgments

Law Briefs is initiated by Aditya Gor who is currently pursuing his Undergraduate Law from Gujarat National Law University- Gandhinagar(Gujarat). The way in which the law operates/commands/governs the members of an independent political society is what inspired him to pursue his education in the legal field. At Law Briefs, he believes that he has an opportunity to use his Legal, Technical and Entrepreneurial knowledge all at once. His interest also lies in writing legal articles and texts which can be garlanded from his various national and international publications. He has also won ‘Best Start-up in Domain of Law’ prize for Law Briefs. He can be reached on email at admin@lawbriefs.in

LawBriefs.in is a unique legal services platform that aims to provide a complete legal database of case-briefs of Indian judgements to any individual allied with the legal system. As a law student, legal practitioner or an academician, reading judgements is time-consuming, tiring and onerous. With increasing reliance and importance of case briefs, there does not exist any online resource in India which provides case brief of judgments in a systematic and rational manner. In order to have better understanding of the topic, to save time and efforts of the readers, to follow the saying of working smart before working hard, to make referencing easy, to achieve precision, and to provide a handy guide to any person associated with law, it is necessary that there exists a single platform which deals with all relevant case brief of the Indian judgements.

The case briefs follow a specifically designed format intended for the efficient reading and are imbued with easy-to-understand visual content maps which explain the case briefs to readers, contextually and precisely.Fortunately, the traditional way of providing the entire judgement is not a part of our core values.

Through LawBriefs, we are trying to bring a new way of interpreting and understanding the judgement and thus achieving the objective of understanding law more aptly. The old method of understanding law includes reading the entire text of judgement once, understanding the ratio laid down by the judge, suspecting the points of law argued from both the sides. But by LawBriefs, understanding law and interpreting judgements becomes much more efficient and simple. LawBriefs will relieve the pain of the readers of going through the entire text of the judgement by presenting the briefs of the judgement in a scientific manner; LawBriefs will try to explain the ratio of the judgement by using various proven techniques like mind-mapping tools, flow-charts, diagrams, etc.; and most importantly, LawBriefs will divide the entire judgement into various variables which will make the understanding clear and precise. 

Advocate Shriya Maini

Advocate Shriya Maini is a young, bright, scholarly, advocate turned entrepreneur currently practicing at the Supreme Court of India, the Delhi High Court and the district courts at New Delhi. She specializes in dispute resolution and as an unabashed feminist, particularly enjoys criminal litigation. She is also the founding editor of a legal blog called The Witness Stand. She is a graduate of Gujarat National Law University, India who then pursued the Bachelor of Civil Laws programme from the University of Oxford on a full scholarship (Dr. Mrs Ambruti Salve Scholarship) sponsored by Dr. Harish Salve, Senior Advocate and specialized in International Criminal Law. As a recipient of the Oxford Global Justice Award 2015 for Public International Law, she assisted the President of the International Residual Mechanism for the Criminal Tribunals (MICT) at The Hague, Netherlands. She is now back in the Courts of New Delhi, India to pursue her passion in litigation.