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[Case Brief] Consultancy India Pvt. Ltd. v/s DSC Ltd. – Supreme Court of India

Brief facts and procedural history- The IBI Consultancy India Private Limited is a petitioner company engaged in the multi-disciplinary business of providing system integration and maintenance service for Toll and Traffic Management systems and is the Indian subsidiary of the IBI Group based in Canada. The respondent, DSC Limited is a Company registered under the […]

[Case Brief] Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited v/s Malvinder Mohan Singh & Others – Delhi High Court

Brief Facts and Procedural History- Ranbaxy  Laboratories has agreed to sell its whole stake to the petitioner for a value of Rs 1980 crores under a Share Purchase and Share Purchase Subscription Agreement(SSPA)dated 11 June 2008. A dispute arose in regard to SSPA and arbitration clause invoked and proceedings were started in Singapore as it […]

[Case Brief] M/s Inox Wind Ltd. v/s M/s Thermocables Ltd., 2018

Brief Facts and Procedural History: M/s Inox Wind Ltd. manufactured Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs) and M/s Thermocables Ltd. manufactured wind power and other types of cables. M/s Inox Ltd. placed two orders with M/s Thermocables Ltd. for the supply of cables. As per the Purchase Order, supply was to be according to the terms mentioned […]

[Case Brief] M/s Indian Farmers Fertilizers Co-Op. Ltd v/s M/s Bhadra Products, 2018

BRIEF FACTS AND PROCEDURAL HISTORY M/s Indian Farmers Fertilizers Co-Operative Limited issued a tender enquiry to 19 parties, including M/s Bhadra Products, for supply of Defoamers. M/s Bhadra Products submitted its bid, pursuant to which a Letter of Intent dated 2nd November, 2006 was issued to M/s Indian Farmers Fertilizers Co-op Ltd for supply of […]