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[Case Brief] Jaw Ajee Nagnatham vs Revenue Divisional Officer, 1994

Brief Facts and Procedural History- The appellant is the owner of 18 gunthas of land, situated in Adilabad Municipality of A.P., which was proposed for acquisition under a notification issued under Section (1) of the Land Acquisition Act and published for a public purpose. The Land Acquisition officer awarded compensation on the basis of letting value. On a […]

Nur Ali Dubash v Abdul Ali (1892): Calcutta High Court on difference between partial and total restrain of trade.

CASE NAME Nur Ali Dubash v Abdul Ali, (1892) ILR 19 Cal 765 COURT Before the High Court of Calcutta DECIDED ON March 4, 1892 BENCH Justice Pigot  and Justice Macpherson AUTHOR OF THE JUDGEMENT Justice PA Macpherson ABSTRACT In the present case, there was an agreement between parties with regards to restraint of trade. […]

Maula Bux v. Union of India (1970): Supreme Court on the concept of ‘Earnest Money’ and Section 74 of Indian Contract Act.

Maula Bux v. Union of India, 1970 AIR 1955, 1970 SCR (1) 928 Before the Supreme Court of India Decided on: – 19th August 1969 Bench: – JC Shah. Counsel for the petitioners: – Jagdish Swarup, Solicitor-General, Yogeshwar Prasad, C.M. Kohli, G.R. Chopra. Counsel for respondents: – L.M. Singhvi, S.P. Nayar. Brief facts and procedural history: […]

The expression “capital employed in the business of the company” did not include the “premium amount” [M/s Berger Paints India Ltd. V/s C.I.T., Delhi-V]

M/s Berger Paints India Ltd. V/s C.I.T., Delhi-V Before The Supreme Court of India Author of the judgement- Abhay Manohar Sapre, J.- Counsel for the appellant-Company- Mr Radha Shyam Jena Counsel for the respondent- Mr Mukul Rohtagi, learned Attorney General. Bench: R.K. AGRAWAL, ABHAY MANOHAR SAPRE Decided on: March 28, 2017 Sr. No. Title Relevant Sections 1. Income […]