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In wagering agreement both the parties should either win/lose based on an uncertain event. [Babasaheb Rahimsaheb vs Rajaram Raghunath Alpe]

Babasaheb Rahimsaheb vs Rajaram Raghunath Alpe (1931) 33 BOMLR 260 Before the High Court of Bombay Decided on: September 3, 1980 Bench: Govind J Madgavkar, KW Barlee Author: Govind J Madgavkar Brief facts:  The parties in the case are wrestlers who entered into an agreement to wrestle in Poona on a certain day. The agreement also stipulated […]

A threat to commit suicide is a coercion. [Chikkam Ammiraju and Ors. v. Chikkam Seshamma and Anr.]

Chikkam Ammiraju and Ors. v. Chikkam Seshamma and Anr. Before High Court of Madras Decided on: 23rd January 1917 Bench:  Oldfield J., John Wallis C.J., Moore J., Sadasiva aiya J. Author: Sadasiva Aiyar J. Advocates for the Appellants:  Mr. Patanjali Sastri for Mr. P Narayanmurti Advocates for the Respondents:  Mr. Venkatramaih Brief facts: The respondents, in this […]

[Case-brief] Balfour v Balfour

The present decision is the leading English case law which deals with the difference between legally enforceable agreements and agreements which are domestic in nature. Balfour v Balfour [1919] 2 KB 571 Before the Court of Appeal (Civil Divison) Bench: Warrington LJ, Duke LJ, Atkin LJ. Decided on:25 June 1919 Relevant Acts: Married Women’s Property Act 1882 […]


The subject of government contracts has accepted extraordinary significance in the today’s time. Today the state is a supplier of wealth. In the cutting edge period of a welfare state, government’s monetary exercises are extending and the government is increasingly assuming the role of the dispenser of a large number of benefits. This raises the […]