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[Opinion] The New scheme of Reservation in Karnataka

Karnataka State Government is now planning to make a 100% reservation for Kannada people in all kinds of private sector organisations and to bar the biotech firms and IT firms to avail concessions under the industrial policies of the state. Those organisations which do not comply with the new policies will not be provided any […]

MACT should be approached within a reasonable period of time. [M/S. Purohit and Company v. Khatoonbee and Anr.]

M/S. PUROHIT AND COMPANY v. KHATOONBEE AND ANR. Before the supreme court of India Author of the judgement: Jagdish Singh Khehar, CJI Bench: Jagdish Singh Khehar, CJI; N.V.Ramana, J; Dr.D.Y.Chandrachud, J. Date Decided: 9th February 2017. Brief Facts: The daughter of the respondents died in a motor accident on 02.02.1977. A claim petition was filed, […]

[Opinion] Supreme Court needs standing Ovation!

The recent order of Supreme Court has stated that its mandatory for all theaters and cinema halls to play Indian National Anthem and all those who are present in the hall shall have to stand up to show respect so as to indicate their patriotism. The expected difficulties in implementation of this order are already […]

[opinion] Concerns of One bill and many Rights

Cabinet to the central government has cleared the HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill, 2014 with key amendments in early October in 2016. The intention of this drafted bill is to safeguard the rights of those people who are living with and are affected by this sexually transmitted disease. The government now seeks to […]