[Opinion] Supreme Court needs standing Ovation!

The recent order of Supreme Court has stated that its mandatory for all theaters and cinema halls to play Indian National Anthem and all those who are present in the hall shall have to stand up to show respect so as to indicate their patriotism. The expected difficulties in implementation of this order are already […]

(DR.) N.B. Khare V/s. State of Delhi

Article 19 (1) (d) guarantees to all citizens of India the right “to move freely throughout the territory of India”. This right is, however, subject to reasonable restrictions mentioned in clause (5) of Article 19. The Supreme Court in the instant case deals with the restriction when it comes to procedure. N.B. Khare (DR.) V/s. […]

[Case Brief] Ram Singh and others Vs. Union of India and others

The Supreme Court toppled an administration choice to give reservations to the Jat people group in nine states by incorporating them in the Central List of Backward Classes. The judgment Ram Singh v/s Union of India had created a huge political stir. Ram Singh and others Vs. Union of India and others (Jat Judgment) Writ […]

[Case-brief] Balfour v Balfour

The present decision is the leading English case law which deals with the difference between legally enforceable agreements and agreements which are domestic in nature. Balfour v Balfour [1919] 2 KB 571 Before the Court of Appeal (Civil Divison) Bench: Warrington LJ, Duke LJ, Atkin LJ. Decided on:25 June 1919 Relevant Acts: Married Women’s Property Act 1882 […]