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[Case Brief] Yahoo!,Inc. v/s Akash Arora and Another, 1999

Brief Facts and Procedural History- In the present case, a decree of permanent injunction is sought against the defendants (Akash Arora), their partners, servants, agents from operating any business and/or selling, offering for sale, advertising and in any manner dealing in any services or goods on the Internet or otherwise under the trademark or domain […]

[Case Brief] Union of India v/s Khader International Constructions & Others, 2001

Union of India v/s Khader International Constructions & Others was decided on 8th May 2001 by a two-judge bench of the Honourable Supreme Court of India. The appellant in the present case is the Union of India, while the first respondent is a limited company by name Khader international Constructions Ltd. Brief Facts and Procedural […]

[Case-Brief] Shankar Balwant Lokhande v/s Chandrakant Shankar Lokhande & Others, 1995

A preliminary decree is the one which declares the rights and liabilities of the parties leaving the actual results to be worked out in further proceedings. Then, as a result of the further proceedings conducted pursuant to the preliminary decree, the rights of the parties are fully determined and a decree is passed in accordance […]