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The Courts should not bind the government in its policy decision. [State Of Haryana & Ors vs M/S.Mahabir Vegetable Oils Pvt. Ltd. ]

State Of Haryana & Ors vs M/S.Mahabir Vegetable Oils Pvt. Ltd.  Before the Supreme Court of India Bench: Mukundakam Sharma, Anil R. Dave Author of the judgement: M Sharma Decided on: 21 February, 2011 Brief Facts and procedural history: The State enacted the Haryana General Sales Tax Act, 1973 (for short “the Act”). Section 64 of the […]

No English law principles can be imported in the presence of statutory provisions of the Indian Contract Act. [Satyabrata Ghose vs Mugneeram Bangur & Co.]

Satyabrata Ghose vs Mugneeram Bangur & Co., 1954 SCR 310. Before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India Decided on: November 16, 1953 Bench: B.K. Mukherjea

Standard Chartered Bank and Ors, etc. Vs. Directorate of Enforcement and Ors, etc.

The Supreme Court deals with the question that whether a company can be prosecuted for offences for which the sentence of imprisonment is a mandatory punishment. Along with this, the Court also goes on further to deal with the concept of ‘Judicial heroism’. Standard Chartered Bank and Ors. etc. Vs. Directorate of Enforcement and Ors. etc. […]

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