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No English law principles can be imported in the presence of statutory provisions of the Indian Contract Act. [Satyabrata Ghose vs Mugneeram Bangur & Co.]

Satyabrata Ghose vs Mugneeram Bangur & Co., 1954 SCR 310. Before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India Decided on: November 16, 1953 Bench: B.K. Mukherjea

Rights of persons with disabilities is not to be viewed from charity, medical or social perspective. [Jeeja Ghosh and Anr. V. Union of India and Ors.]

Jeeja Ghosh and Anr. V. Union of India and Ors. CIVIL ORIGINAL JURISDICTION WRIT PETITION (C) NO. 98 OF 2012 Before the Supreme Court of India Bench: A.K. Sikri, J. Relevant Acts/ Statutes: Constitution-Articles 14, 19, 21, 32 The Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 Civil Aviation Requirements’ 1st May, 2008 (CAR-2008) Rule 133A of the […]

[Case Brief] State Bank of India v/s. Santosh Kumar Gupta & Anr.

The constitution of India ensures that there is uniform rule over the entire Union of India. But in order to ensure that the cultural identities, customs, economic and political interests of the certain regions are protected, these regions are governed with special provisions. One such region is the State of Jammu and Kashmir. In the […]

(DR.) N.B. Khare V/s. State of Delhi

Article 19 (1) (d) guarantees to all citizens of India the right “to move freely throughout the territory of India”. This right is, however, subject to reasonable restrictions mentioned in clause (5) of Article 19. The Supreme Court in the instant case deals with the restriction when it comes to procedure. N.B. Khare (DR.) V/s. […]