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Every citizen must be protected against exercise of arbitrary authority by the State or its officers. [State Of Orissa vs Dr. (Miss) Binapani Dei & Ors]

State Of Orissa vs Dr. (Miss) Binapani Dei & Ors, 1967 AIR 1269 Before Supreme Court of India Decided on: 7 February 1967 Bench: SHAH, J.C. MITTER, G.K. Author of judgement: Shah, J.C. Counsel for the appellant: Dipak Dutta Choudhury and R. N. Sachthey Counsel for the respondent: Naunit Lal Brief Facts and Procedural History The first respondent […]

Existence of large number of competitors in the market, does not entitle dominant position: CCI [Case Brief]

A firm is said to be in the dominant position if it behaves independently of its competitors, suppliers, customers and the consumers. Such company can restrict the competition if it has the position of strength in the given market. However, a dominant position is not in itself anti-competitive but it is only when the company uses […]