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No English law principles can be imported in the presence of statutory provisions of the Indian Contract Act. [Satyabrata Ghose vs Mugneeram Bangur & Co.]

Satyabrata Ghose vs Mugneeram Bangur & Co., 1954 SCR 310. Before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India Decided on: November 16, 1953 Bench: B.K. Mukherjea

A threat to commit suicide is a coercion. [Chikkam Ammiraju and Ors. v. Chikkam Seshamma and Anr.]

Chikkam Ammiraju and Ors. v. Chikkam Seshamma and Anr. Before High Court of Madras Decided on: 23rd January 1917 Bench:  Oldfield J., John Wallis C.J., Moore J., Sadasiva aiya J. Author: Sadasiva Aiyar J. Advocates for the Appellants:  Mr. Patanjali Sastri for Mr. P Narayanmurti Advocates for the Respondents:  Mr. Venkatramaih Brief facts: The respondents, in this […]