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[Case Brief] M/s Indian Farmers Fertilizers Co-Op. Ltd v/s M/s Bhadra Products, 2018

BRIEF FACTS AND PROCEDURAL HISTORY M/s Indian Farmers Fertilizers Co-Operative Limited issued a tender enquiry to 19 parties, including M/s Bhadra Products, for supply of Defoamers. M/s Bhadra Products submitted its bid, pursuant to which a Letter of Intent dated 2nd November, 2006 was issued to M/s Indian Farmers Fertilizers Co-op Ltd for supply of […]

[Case-Brief] Shankar Balwant Lokhande v/s Chandrakant Shankar Lokhande & Others, 1995

A preliminary decree is the one which declares the rights and liabilities of the parties leaving the actual results to be worked out in further proceedings. Then, as a result of the further proceedings conducted pursuant to the preliminary decree, the rights of the parties are fully determined and a decree is passed in accordance […]

[Case Brief] Vijay Kumar v/s Shanta Devi and Another, 2017

Brief Facts and Procedural History Roop Chand sold the suit land in favor of Shanti Devi. Vijay Singh, an appellant who was a co-sharer with Roop Chand, filed a suit for possession on the basis of the right of pre-emption granted to a co-sharer under the Punjab Pre-emption Act, 1913 (for short ‘the 1913 Act’) […]