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[Case Brief] Union of India v/s Udho Ram and Sons – Supreme Court of India

Brief facts and procedural history- A Merchant consigned some goods to the respondent. At Howrah-Burdwan link the goods were lost before reaching the destination. The respondent filed the suit against the railway authorities for the loss caused. The trial court dismissed the suit on the ground that the railway authorities took proper care of the […]

[Case Brief] The Divisional Personal Officer, Southern Railway and Another v/s TR Chellappan and Others, 1975

Brief Facts and Procedural History- In the present judgment, Civil Appeal Nos. 1664 of 1974, Civil Appeal Nos. 891 & Civil Appeal Nos. 892 of 1975, have been jointly disposed of.  A close analysis of the factual data reveals that the grounds on which the respondents have approached the High Court are identical however the […]