A constitutional authority cannot do indirectly what it is not permitted to do directly. [Dr. D.C. Wadhwa & Ors v/s State Of Bihar & Ors]

Dr. D.C. Wadhwa & Ors vs State Of Bihar & Ors 

Before Supreme Court of India

Decided on: 20 December 1986

Bench: Bhagwati, P.N. (CJ), Misra Rangnath, Oza, G.L. (J), Dutt, M.M. (J), Singh, K.N. (J)

Author: P Bhagwati, Justice.

Advocates for the Petitioners: Soli J. Sorabji, J.B. Dadachanji, Ravinder Narain, T.N. Ansari, Joel Pares, S. Sukumaran and Dr. Chandrachud.

Advocates for the Respondents: L.N. Sinha, Jai Narain, P.P. Singh, D. Goburdhan and Ms. S. Relan


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