Delivery of the amount for transmission to the bank created ex facie a relationship of a fiduciary character: New Bank of India v/s Pearey Lal (1962).

CaseNew Bank of India Ltd. v Pearey Lal, AIR 1962 SC 1003
CourtBefore the Supreme Court of India
Case NoCivil Appeal No 398 of 1960
BenchChief Justice Bhuvaneshwar Prasad Sinha, Justice JL Kapur, justice M Hidayatullah, Justice JC Shah and Justice JR Mudholkar
Author of the judgementJustice JC Shah
Decided OnDecember 20, 1961
Advocates for the appellantVeda Vyasa, Senior Advocate ( SK Kapur and BP Maheshwari, Advocates, with him)
Advocate for the respondentKL Gosain, Senior Advocaate (KL Mehta, Advocate, with him)
Author of the briefAditya Gor
KeywordsBanking, Trustee, Fiduciary Relations, Debtor-Creditor Relations.


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