Kedarnath Bhattacharji v. Gorie Mahomed (1887): When at the desire of the promisor, promisee does something then it is valid consideration.

Case NameKedarnath Bhattacharji v. Gorie Mahomed, (1887) ILR 14 Cal 64
CourtBefore the High Court of Calcutta
Decided onNovember 26, 1886
BenchWC Pethekam, Beverley
Author of the JudgementWC Pethekam
Relevant lawsSection 2(D), 25 of the Indian contracts act
AbstractWhen at the desire of the promisor, promisee does something; it is valid consideration under section 2(d) of the ICA. In the following case, on the desire of the defendant promising to pay money, the plaintiff entered into another contract. Hence, this forms valid consideration under the act and defendants were held liable to pay the amount promised.
Author of the BriefAarsh Chokshi, Student at Gujarat National Law University.
KeywordsPromise, Consideration, Gratuity, Funds.


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